A Unified Payment Platform

To Manage All Your Student Fees

Collect, track, and manage all your fees on a centralized platform.

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How it works

Deeply integrated with your existing workflow

Deeply integrated with your existing workflow

Grow Your Institution

While making education affordable for all

Based on research and subject to change for different institutions.

Benefits for Institutions

Achieve your goals with an integrated payment management platform designed for institutions

  • Seamless Fee Collection
  • Live Tracking
  • Increased Quality Admissions
  • Reduced Dropouts
  • 100% Upfront Cash Liquidity (Pay Later)
  • Improved Inclusivity and Diversity
  • Delighted Parents

You Ask. We Answer!

UniPe is a comprehensive digital payment and financing platform for the education sector. It enables parents and students to pay their fees instantly or in easy 8-to-12-month installments with no hidden or extra charges, while the institutions get their student fees upfront. No collateral and security are needed while students are paying their annual fees in one go as per schedule to education institutions. This is how, through UniPe, we aim to empower institutions to experience immense growth and make it a place where education is affordable and accessible to all!
‘Pay Now’ is a product feature that enables parents and students to pay all their fees instantly and securely via their preferred payment modes – Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI, and Wallets. The fee amount is instantly deposited into the institution’s bank account.
Advantages of ‘Pay Now’ for Institutions:
  • Instant fee deposits
  • Live tracking of all the transactions
  • Completely Online
  • Delighted Parents
The ‘Pay Later’ feature enables parents and students to split their fees and pay them in bite-sized amounts in the form of 8-12 monthly installments while the institution gets their full annual fees, upfront. This empowers you to grow your institution while making education affordable for all!
Advantages of ‘Pay Later’ for Institutions:
  • 100% upfront cash liquidity
  • Live Tracking of all the transactions
  • Increased quality admissions
  • Reduced dropouts
  • Delighted Parents
All types of fees levied by educational institutions can be paid by parents or students via UniPe.

When parents or students make a fee payment using ‘Pay Now’, it will be deposited in the institution’s bank account in accordance with the standard payment gateway process.

For parents using the UniPe ‘Pay Later’ option, post the loan approval, the student/parent will be required to set up the repayment plan for the loan. Once the repayment plan is set up, the institution will get the fee amount in their bank account, as per the agreement signed between UniPe and Institution.